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Over a lifetime of use, teeth become susceptible to damage and decay. Dr. Victor Gittleman offers a wide range of dental treatments that restore function and improve the appearance of smiles. Visit our practice in Morristown to find out which restorations are right for you. 

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Restorative Dental Care in Morris County

Dr. Gittleman’s dedication to excellence ensures each patient receives comprehensive care catered to their needs. Dr. Gittleman works with patients to develop customized treatment plans that work best in their favor. We address a host of dental issues, such as woman smilingadvanced decay, damage, and missing teeth.

Services we offer include:

Composite Bonding is used to patch minor cracks and repair chips on a tooth.

White Fillings restore the structure of a tooth after it has been treated for a cavity. Our restorations are made from composite resin, a tooth-colored material that resembles the color of natural teeth while providing reliable durability.

Ceramic Crowns can restore a tooth’s structure and protect it against damage and decay while blending into the smile.

Porcelain Bridges replace missing teeth using crowns placed over healthy teeth used as stabilizers.

Root Canal Therapy relieves a tooth suffering from severe decay that reaches beyond the enamel and into the dental pulp. This procedure is necessary to save the tooth from continued decay and extraction. A ceramic crown is used to protect the tooth from further damage or decay and restore its structure.

Full and Partial Denture are prosthetic teeth used to replace missing teeth. These restorations are a proven method of replacing teeth, and have been reliable in restoring key functions, such as eating and speaking.

Dental Implants stabilize a restoration in place with titanium posts, creating an effective replacement for missing teeth. Additionally, dental implants replace the root of teeth, supplying several benefits, including the prevention of accelerated jaw bone deterioration.

Providing Experienced Restorative Dental Care

Our Morristown dentist completes all his restorations with a keen eye towards its cosmetic presentation within the smile. He produces beautiful work that is able to easily blend into the smile through our use of select dental technology.

For example, Dr. Gittleman utilizes digital impressions, avoiding the use of uncomfortable impressions material. By carefully selecting the technology we use during the restorative process, we improve our patients’ comfort while providing incredible accuracy.

We work closely with a local lab to produce all our quality dental restorations. Patients can be assured our method of crafting restorations provide durable strength and fit perfectly within a patient’s smile.

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