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Missing teeth can produce a multitude of problems, including jaw bone deterioration, difficulty eating or speaking, and self-esteem issues. With advancements in modern dentistry, there are more solutions available to address missing teeth than ever before.

Reasons for dentures:

  • Missing a full mouth of teeth
  • Missing an arch of teeth
  • Improve smile and facial features
  • Improved ability to speak and chew
  • Enhanced confidence

At Morristown Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Victor Gittleman offers dentures and partial dentures that offer long-lasting, natural-looking results.  Our Morristown, NJ dentist office offers personalized care and treatment plans for patients with missing teeth. We work with you on an individual basis to find the best solution for your dental health needs.

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Types of Dentures

There are two main types of basic dentures and partials:

  • Removable Dentures: A removal denture is a custom oral appliance that is held in place by a special adhesive that is applied daily.
  • Fixed Dentures: A fixed denture, also known as implant secured dentures, is permanently fixed into place using strategically placed dental implants. Dr. Victor Gittleman provides All-on-4® Dental Implants as a modern alternative to traditional dentures.

Dr. Gittleman will discuss your treatment options and recommend the most suitable solution for your needs. The key to finding the right tooth replacement option is undergoing a complete examination and consultation with our team.

During your visit, we will explore factors such as:

  • Jaw bone strength and overall health: It is essential to have an adequate amount of bone structure in the jaw to support dental implants. We may recommend bone grafting or sinus augmentation to prepare your jaw for implants.
  • Budget: We will explore all of your treatment options and find one that best suits your budget and overall needs.
  • Cosmetic goals: Missing teeth can have an effect on your self-confidence. We offer natural looking, durable solutions for your tooth replacement needs. We use advanced technology to design and implement custom restorations for lost teeth.

What To Expect During The Dentures Process

Dr. Gittleman will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and jaw structure using advanced digital technology. He will discuss all viable options and recommend the best solution for your smile.

If you are receiving removal dentures, it will require several visits to our Morristown dentist office. If extraction is needed, we will extract the teeth prior to your appointment. Next, digital impressions are taken, and a temporary denture is placed while you wait. Dr. Gittleman will work with you to build custom dentures than blends naturally in the mouth.

If you are receiving implant dentures, we can perform all phases of your implant process in our Morristown dentist office. The first step is placing the implants into the jaw. They will require several months to heal and integrate with the jaw bone. Once healed, digital impressions will be taken for the fabrication of your denture. A temporary denture is usually placed to allow you to speak and eat normally during the fabrication process.

Dentures in Morristown, NJ

Are you missing a full mouth of teeth and want to explore your tooth replacement options? Visit our trusted team at Morristown Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Gittleman can work with you one on one to assess your dental needs and determine if dentures are right for your smile. To schedule an appointment, call (973) 287-3337 or request an appointment online.