Include Dental Care in Your Back-to-School Routine

September marks the beginning of the academic year for schools and universities. This can mean a shift in the schedule of your household as you settle into a new routine. You can start the semester on the right foot with a check-up from your dentist.

A routine dentist appointment allows your dentist to clean your smile. They will also examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are free from dental concerns. Discover why the beginning of the school year is the perfect time to schedule a routine teeth cleaning appointment for you and your family.

pediatric oral hygiene habits

Start the School Year with a Clean Smile

The average dental patient should have two teeth cleaning appointments with their dentist each year. Now could be a perfect time for this type of dental visit as you adjust to a new schedule when you or your children return to school.

This way, your mouth can feel fresh when starting to focus on work and studies. During a teeth cleaning, your dentist scrapes away plaque and tartar build-up that forms in spots your toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Eliminating these harmful residues helps you avoid major dental damage as well as aesthetic concerns in your smile.

Your dentist will also perform an oral exam to look for cavities, gum disease, or early signs of other dental concerns. They can schedule you for swift treatment of these issues. Prompt dental attention means you will not have oral health concerns looming in your mind.

You can lower your risk of dental emergencies with this preventative care, ensuring you have more time for your own busy plans and goals. Tooth pain and other dental discomforts can be distracting, so take these precautions to avoid these issues.

Establish Healthy Oral Habits Early

During the summer break, it can be easy to relax your usual regimens and routines. If you have not been practicing meticulous oral hygiene at home, you can restart your diligent habits now. When your schedule grows busier, it is important to establish good habits as soon as you can for yourself and your family.

Your regular dental check-up can serve as a good starting block to begin caring for your oral health at home. School drop-offs and extracurricular activities may mean a stricter household schedule.

Do not forget to incorporate an oral hygiene regimen into your daily routine too. Kids and adults alike should brush their teeth at least twice each day: morning and evening. You should floss once a day as well.

These actions remove plaque and lingering food particles that could harm your smile if they remain on your teeth. You can feel more confident about sticking to these routines when you have a clean slate after a dental check-up. If you want more information on how we can help you with your children’s oral health and prevention, visit Family dentistry

These appointments also make ideal opportunities to ask your dentist about other ways to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. Call your dentist today to schedule a routine visit for the entire family.