Damaged Dental Crowns: What to Do

Dental crowns are ceramic or porcelain restorations placed over teeth for cosmetic or restorative purposes. They are a permanent dental treatment that can only be removed by a dentist once bonded securely in place. Although crowns are durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, accidents can happen where a crown can fall out or break. This is considered a dental emergency, and you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. Dr. Victor Gittleman, a dentist in Morristown, NJ, outlines actions you can take if your dental crown falls off or breaks.dental crowns dentist morristown nj

Immediately contact our dental office to schedule an emergency appointment for crown repair

If your dental crown becomes loose and falls out, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms from the newly exposed tooth. Your tooth might be sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages, and you may risk further harm to the tooth or surrounding teeth without the protection of the crown. Therefore, prompt action is crucial. While you can purchase over-the-counter dental adhesive products, including temporary dental cement, this course of action is not recommended without first speaking to a dental professional. While this temporary fix may alleviate painful symptoms and lower the risk of further damage to your teeth until you see your dentist, there is also the risk that the temporary cement will not hold the crown in place and the crown can be accidentally swallowed. Additionally, if the crown is re-adhered in an improper position, an otherwise undamaged crown could be damaged during the removal process and will not be able to be reused, requiring a new crown to be fabricated.

If, after speaking with your dentist, it is recommended that you use an over-the-counter product to temporarily secure your crown, you should avoid chewing food in the affected area and see your dentist as soon as possible, as this is only a temporary solution. Permanent treatment and restoration must be completed by your dental professional. You should contact your dentist’s office for an emergency appointment. Your dentist can secure the crown in place again with dental bonding. They can also determine if the tooth or surrounding teeth have sustained additional damage. If a new crown is required because the original was lost or broken, your dentist can provide you with a temporary crown while a new one is made.

Prevent future damage

Dental crowns protect your teeth with their durable material, and you may eat as you normally would with a crown in place. However, crowns can be subject to dislodging or breaking if exposed to abnormal pressure. To preserve your crown, you should avoid biting down on hard objects, including fingernails, ice, or the end of a pen. For patients who grind their teeth, dentists may recommend wearing a mouthguard overnight to protect crowns from this harmful unconscious behavior. Proper oral hygiene habits will ensure your mouth continues to be healthy and stable enough to support your crown.

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