Keep Teeth Clean This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and many people look forward to the excuse to indulge in candy and sweet treats. However, sugary foods can negatively affect your teeth. Sugar reacts to bacteria in your mouth to become acidic and eat away at your tooth enamel.

You can still enjoy this holiday and candy in moderation with proper oral hygiene habits. Dr. Victor Gittleman, a dentist in Morristown, NJ, illustrates the importance of routine teeth cleaning to keep your smile looking its best year-round.

proper tooth brushing in Morristown New Jersey

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

We practice good oral hygiene in order to clear plaque build-up and lingering food particles from our teeth before they can cause damage to our teeth and gums. Plaque hardens into tartar over time, which can lead to tooth decay or periodontal concerns.

This type of damage can be treated by your dental professional, but advanced issues may cause irreversible harm, including tooth loss. To prevent this damage, dentists recommend keeping your teeth and gums clean by brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing daily.

Brush Your Teeth with Proper Technique

Maintaining a routine and brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is crucial to keeping your mouth healthy. But you should also ensure you practice proper techniques when executing your oral hygiene regimen.

The best method for brushing your teeth starts with holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle from your gums. Then, you should gently move your brush in small strokes, ensuring you clean the entire surface of each tooth. Your toothbrush should be replaced every three or four months so that you can use fresh bristles to effectively clean your smile.

Visit Your Dentist for Routine Cleanings

Teeth cleanings from your dentist are a major part of a good oral hygiene routine too. During these appointments, dentists clear away plaque and tartar from spots in your mouth that may have been missed during teeth brushing, including near the gumline.

Dentists recommend scheduling these routine visits every six months. However, some patients, including older patients, people with certain medical conditions, and those with a higher propensity for building tartar, may need to see their dentists three or four times a year.

Learn More Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Dentist in Morristown, NJ

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