5 Foods That Could Break Your Teeth

Your teeth are durable, withstanding wear and tear on a daily basis. However, hard-textured foods can put abnormally high pressure on your smile. Biting down on these food items could cause a tooth to chip, crack, or fracture. In addition to making you feel self-conscious about your smile, broken teeth can put your mouth at risk of infections or other dental concerns.

If you break a tooth, prompt restorative treatment from your dentist can preserve your oral health. However, you can prevent this damage by knowing which foods could pose a risk to your smile. Dr. Victor Gittleman, a dentist serving patients in Morristown, NJ, lists five popular foods that are notorious for causing structural harm to your teeth.

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This light, puffy snack food is a go-to healthy treat for many people to enjoy at home or on the go. Unfortunately, your bowl full of popcorn will likely also contain unpopped kernels which could break your teeth if you unknowingly bite one. A crack in your tooth can grow deeper over time, so if you sustain this dental damage, you should visit your dentist for prompt restorative treatment.


Bagels and other hard breads are ideal breakfast foods and can make for a delicious sandwich. You may assume bread is soft in texture, but bagels are dense, which generates more pressure on your teeth when you bite into them than you might guess. This pressure can take its toll on your teeth, raising your risk of structural dental damage like tooth breakage.

Hard Candy

Lollipops and other types of hard candies consist of boiled sugary syrup that solidifies when cooled to create a sweet treat. These candies are designed to be sucked in the mouth for long periods of time, but many people feel tempted to bite down on the candy rather than let it dissolve. This action poses a high risk of breaking teeth, so consumers of this treat should avoid it or be prepared to receive restorative dental treatment like a dental crown.

Corn on the Cob

Eating corn straight from the cob is fun, and when it is prepared with butter, it is also delicious. However, our teeth are not ideally designed to bite directly into a cob. Grating teeth against the core of an ear of corn could cause teeth to chip or crack and may also damage prior dental work, like fillings or veneers.


Nuts are a popular, healthy snack choice, but their hard texture could wear down the surface of your teeth over time. Shelled nuts like pistachios and sunflower seeds could generate an even greater chance of tooth breakage, as you may accidentally chew a portion of the hard shell. You do not have to cut your favorite snacks from your diet, but you should take precautions as you eat them to preserve the structure of your smile. If you do break a tooth, do not hesitate to contact your dentist for urgent restorative treatment.

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