Schedule Teeth Cleaning Before Returning to Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the daily lives of many individuals, enforcing regulations that led to working from home and social distancing. After a long year, these restrictions are lifting, and people are beginning to return to their usual routine.

As you prepare to meet friends and co-workers face-to-face again, you can also ensure you are up to date with your regular appointments, including dental cleanings. Dr. Victor Gittleman, a dentist in Morristown, NJ, outlines why you should schedule a teeth cleaning appointment promptly before you return to your normal routine.

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Beat the Rush

Many patients have delayed their regular dental check-ups recently due to the chaos of the pandemic. With restrictions relaxing, these individuals are preparing to schedule appointments they might have been putting off.

Your schedule may still be flexible if you are working from home, so now is the ideal time to schedule a dentist appointment before you return to the office or school and your routine becomes more rigid. If you call your dentist’s office as soon as possible, you stay on top of your oral health without worrying about fitting a dentist appointment into your new commute, office, or school hours.

Get Expert Preventative Care

Even if you remained vigilant about your oral health during the pandemic, an in-office dental cleaning is still a major part of a good oral hygiene routine and should not be skipped. Scheduling a routine teeth cleaning is crucial to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

During these appointments, your dentist clears plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth, especially in hard-to-reach places like near your gumline. Keeping your teeth clean prevents problems like tooth decay or gum disease that can harm your smile in the long run.

Make Time for Oral Health

Your dentist will also examine your mouth for potential issues during these routine appointments. Cavities and gum problems might have symptoms you can notice, but sometimes you may not be aware of these problems until your dental professional finds them.

Scheduling a prompt dentist visit means that you have time for treatment of any dental issues before you return to your normal routine in the office or at school. It is easier to plan a follow-up appointment with your dentist while you are still working from home.

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