2022 Highlights from Morristown Cosmetic Dentistry

The end of the calendar year serves as a time of reflection for many people, including for our team at Morristown Cosmetic Dentistry. We have stayed busy in 2022 providing optimal dental care to our patients. And Dr. Victor Gittleman has accomplished additional professional goals as well.

He pursued training opportunities, finishing a residency program at the Dental Implant Learning Center, affiliated with Englewood Hospital in Englewood, NJ earlier this year. He also was named a Top Dentist in NJ for the tenth year in a row. Read on to learn more about the accomplishments of Dr. Gittleman and his practice and how our patients can benefit from these experiences.

NJ Top Dentist 2022 award in Morristown New Jersey

Dr. Gittleman Named NJ Top Dentist

NJ Top Docs, a prestigious organization of health professionals, recognizes the best dental providers in New Jersey with a merit-based award, naming them a NJ Top Dentist. In 2022, Dr. Gittleman received this distinguishment for the tenth consecutive year.

He received this award every year since relocating his practice to Morristown, NJ in 2013. Recognition from peers in his field illustrates the excellency of his dentistry services and the care he provides his patients.

You can expect high attention to detail, consistently optimal treatment, and state-of-the-art dental technology from Dr. Gittleman. The accolade of NJ Top Dentist ensures you can trust in this high-quality care when you visit our office yourself.

The Dental Implant Learning Center New Jersey

Completed Residency at the Dental Implant Learning Center

This year, Dr. Gittleman attended a residency program at the Dental Implant Learning Center where he enhanced his proficiency in implant surgery. Though already an expert in implant dentistry, Dr. Gittleman remains committed to continued skill development by attending training courses like these.

This program covered the latest practices and techniques of each step of the dental implant process, including grafting techniques, complex cases, and infection control. It included the opportunity to perform a live dental implant procedure.

Participating in advanced courses like this one demonstrates Dr. Gittleman’s dedication to keeping up with recent advancements in the field and improving his ability to provide the best care for his patients. An increased proficiency in implant dentistry boosts efficiency and effectiveness in the treatment process for the patient. You can receive cutting-edge care when receiving dental implants at our office. Dr. Gittleman is also an attending doctor at Morristown Medical Center where he is an instructor in their dental residency program.

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When looking for a dentist to entrust with your oral health care, the dentist’s credentials and accolades can boost your confidence in their services. Awards like NJ Top Dentist highlight the practice’s professionalism and expertise. And certifications from continued professional education show a commitment to providing the best dental care possible by remaining current.

At Morristown Cosmetic Dentistry, you can see these values reflected in our services year after year. Discover the benefits of our care for yourself by calling our office today at 973.538.4284 or scheduling an appointment online. Dr. Gittleman offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including implant surgery, to patients of all ages.